About Us

To understand our passion for skin care, we must take you back to where it all began. Patty and Debbie met in 5th grade. Debbie, a cherub-like freckled face redhead and Patty, a chubby frizzy-haired brunette with flawless skin...we were something else. From the moment Debbie sat down next to Patty in class, they were inseparable. This was the real deal. They finished each other’s sentences and found laughter in everything they did. After all these years, not much has changed.

Over the years, Debbie and Patty have been through it all from first loves, first heartaches, marriages, deaths of loved ones...births of beautiful children.

Debbie- Clinical Esthetician Skincare Diva:  "Patty brings out the best in me, and that is a huge reason that I am a successful Esthetician today. 10 years ago when I began my skin care career I was introduced to Clinicians Complex products at a Plastic Surgery Center where I practiced Esthetics. After using so many different skincare lines, I immediately noticed a difference in the results I had using Clinicians Complex as well as the drastic overall improvement of my clients' skin. Of course, I wouldn't dare keep this real "Beauty in a Bottle" a secret from my BFF, Patty."

Patty- Business Savvy Beauty-Obsessed Guru:  “ Growing up, let's just say that I had an extended awkward phase. I had plenty of baby fat, a bushy uni-brow, and my hair had a mind's of its own. On the flip side, my skin was enviable. I rarely had a pimple and tanned easily. However, in my 20s, I started noticing brown spots on my face, and my skin didn't have the same smoothness I had come to love over the years. I bought almost every product on the market that promised to give me back my "old" skin and most of my purchases ended up under my sink. Then Debbie introduced me to Clinicians Complex, and I have never looked back."

We, like most consumers have spent way too much time and money trying to find products that work. This medical skin care line is what we know and believe works without breaking your bank. It has done wonders for our skin, and we want it to do the same for you....We only what's best for you--We are your Skin guardian BFFS

XOXO Debbie and Patty

Best Friends Forever